Top 7 AI trends you can expect to see in 2022

In the past few years, we have seen AI and machine learning technologies become increasingly ubiquitous. They are now used for everything from recognising our faces to driving our cars. These technologies have also had a significant impact on how we work and live, with AI-powered chatbots that answer questions and autonomous vehicles that take us to work.


As these technologies continue to evolve, they will provide us with new opportunities for collaboration and new challenges as well. For example, the rise of autonomous vehicles is creating new types of jobs for people who can maintain these vehicles or design their software systems. But it’s also making it difficult for people who drive cars as their primary job to find employment elsewhere.


In this blog post, we explore the Top 7 AI trends you can expect to see in 2022.


1. AI will make our interactions with technology more human-like

Chatbots are one of the best examples of how AI can make our interactions with technology more natural and conversational. Many chatbot makers have built their own custom bot platforms in recent years, which has given rise to a growing community of app developers who want to make their own bot.


When you combine this trend with new technologies like voice recognition and the Internet of Things (IoT), you begin to see how our interactions with technology can become even richer in 2022. For example, IoT-powered smart lamps could double as entertainment centers that let people control things like music volume by just saying it out loud.


2. Business interest in computer vision to grow

Businesses around the world will spend more on computer vision technologies as they become widespread and improve in quality. Businesses ranging from fashion brands to eCommerce companies are already using computer vision technology to make their products stand out from those of their competitors.


As businesses continue to explore new ways that they can use this technology, you can expect it to continue to grow in popularity.


3. Autonomous vehicle industry to show progress

In recent years, we have seen steady advancement toward the goal of driverless, or autonomous vehicles. In 2016, Google unveiled its fleet of self-driving cars that had no steering wheel or brakes.


That same year, Uber launched a driverless vehicle pilot program in Pittsburgh. While the public was initially apprehensive about these vehicles, they have become more comfortable with self-driving cars in recent years.


In the next few years, we expect to see more companies embrace autonomous vehicle technology and offer it as a service. At some point down the road, experts predict that it will become difficult for people to own their own vehicles. When this happens, autonomous vehicle companies will be responsible for not only building the vehicles themselves but owning and maintaining them as well.


4. AI-powered solutions for the metaverse will continue to create buzz

The development of the metaverse a virtual space with multiple worlds and billions of people will continue to gain steam as new technologies become available.


We’ve already seen the rise of virtual reality (VR)—which provides a 3D, 360-degree immersive experience for users wearing VR headsets. As we move toward 2022, expect to see more companies and individuals invest in AI-powered solutions that can help them create better metaverse experiences.


5. AI algorithms will have an impact on venture capital

As AI continues to gain popularity in the business world, you can expect it to affect how companies invest their money and grow their businesses. Many startups are already using intelligent algorithms to help them make strategic decisions about where and when to invest.


Over time, these algorithms will become increasingly complex and provide more detailed insights for their users. For example, companies like Sentient Technologies are using AI to make investment decisions by predicting things like web traffic or product demand in different markets.


As this technology becomes cheaper to access, it can be implemented into more industries that require strategic decision-making.


6. More companies will use AI to create personalized experiences (e.g., unique product suggestions)

In the age of the Internet, companies have access to a huge amount of customer data via eCommerce sites and apps. In the past, they have been using this data to optimize their marketing campaigns by creating ads that are relevant to people.


Now, companies are starting to take things a step further by creating personalized experiences for their customers that go beyond marketing efforts. For example, AI-powered chatbots like Zo can interact with users and learn what they’re interested in via chat messages.


7. Chatbots will get better at helping people solve minor issues without human intervention

Over the past few years, we’ve seen chatbots evolve from simple programs to advanced AI tools. Today, companies like Zo offer powerful AI-powered customer service options that can help users with a wide range of tasks, including finding information about products and services, making purchases, or solving minor issues without human intervention. This is just the beginning.


In the next few years, we’ll see more businesses turn to intelligent chatbots to help them solve common customer service needs.



AI will continue to play a major role in our lives as new technologies gain momentum in 2022. This trend makes it seem like we’re moving closer to a time when technology is taking over the world, but that’s not necessarily true.


As AI continues to take center stage, you can also expect entrepreneurs to take intelligent algorithms out of the boardroom and bring them back down to Earth.


We are already beginning to see how business owners are using computer vision technology in their everyday lives, but expect this trend to continue in the next few years.

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