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Speaking at Digital DNA is a great way to share your ideas, highlight your domain expertise in a specific field and build your profile.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can apply to speak

Anyone can submit a proposal to speak at digital dna. We particularly welcome applications from people who are under represented in the tech community, including individuals from the LGBTQ community, people from ethnic minorities, those with disabilities or individuals who have not spoken at conferences and events

What type of sessions can I propose

Speaking opportunities are open to everyone. The most popular types of sessions are presentation (1-person with or without slides), fireside chat (2-people interview style), a panel discussion (3+ people including a moderator). If you have any other type of session in mind, please contact us before submitting your application

What length does my session need to be

We have no fixed length, whatever time you need to present your session. However, we suggest that a session should be no less than 15 minutes and no longer than 40 minutes, unless you are Barack Obama.

Some of my guests will not be in-person, will that be ok

Whilst we have all learnt a lot over the past few years thanks to the power of technology, we believe that better conversations can happen in-person. If your session has multiple guests, we strongly recommend that you have everyone in-person

Can I pre-record my session or do it remotely

We prefer people to present their session in-person but we appreciate that things can change, especially in the current circumstances. If you are selected and cannot attend in-person due to unforeseen circumstances, we will make every effort to ensure you can still take part in your allocated session

Will the sessions be recorded

Yes, all our sessions will be recorded and will be made available post event to all attendees

If selected, will I receive complimentary passes?

Yes. We will provide complimentary passes to you and any guests on your session. We will not cover any additional costs such as travel, food etc.

Will I be paid for my session?


How are the successful talks selected

Sessions are selected with a combination of feedback from our content advisory group, our staff and feedback from our community. You will be contacted before any details are made public.

What happens if I want to update or change my session after it has been selected?

Whilst we appreciate that things can change, we would discourage wholesale changes to your session synopsis. We will of course work with you to finalise the synopsis before it is published but we would encourage you to not make any changes to the fundamental idea or topic of your session

Are there any topics I can’t talk about?

Digital DNA is a tech event at its core but we appreciate that technology has now permeated many facets of our daily lives and we welcome open debate and conversation. We would however reject talks that go against our community guidelines, may be viewed as derogatory or abusive or are considered self promotional.

What happens if I am selected?

We will notify you via email and will arrange a call to discuss the next steps, to refine your session synopsis before we publish on our website and to confirm the date and time your session will take place. We will then require a profile picture from you and any guests as well as a short bio.

Can I select what date and time my session will be on

Whilst we will try and accommodate any requests, we cannot guarantee a specific time. We therefore request that you can be available for the duration of the event you are selecting to speak at.

I want to present my company's products and services. Is that allowed?

No. Session selector is for members of the tech community to discuss big topics and ideas. Applications for Session Selector must not include “sales pitches” and will be rejected. We have plenty of partnership and sponsorship opportunities and you can find out more information HERE or by contacting [email protected]

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