The return of Belfast’s Spring #HacktheHub: UK and Ireland’s no.1 Hackathon

The time has come to welcome back #HackTheHub, where people of all levels, students, data
scientists, product managers and designers gather to combine their technical minds. This year,
attendees will race to compete, using ChatGPT and Generative AI to solve complex

Here in Northern Ireland, one of the natural wonder’s located in the North Coast is the Giant’s
Causeway. It is a vast area of interlocking basalt columns formed over 60 million years ago.
It’s like stepping into another world with it’s unique landscape, attracting visitors from all
over the world to marvel.

The concept behind #HackTheHub was born from this idea. To provide a glimpse into
another world, the tech world that exists in Northern Ireland. With each stone representing a
new challenge to overcome, and the water representing the fast-pace of technology
advancements, they partner with world-class tech teams to experiment, build and have fun.

With 12 hours to complete a challenge, the event will begin on Saturday 20th May 2023 at
9am finishing up at 9pm. With already selling out 3 months in advance, the 100 participants
will gather in Bazaarvoice’s new Belfast R & D hub located in Lanyon Plaza, Lanyon Place, a
fifteen-storey office building, overlooking the River Lagan.

HackTheHub participants are split into teams of 4 where they will work together to create innovative solutions using Generative AI, the theme of #HackTheHub 2023.

But why is this chosen theme important for businesses? With an increasingly tricky business
landscape, business leaders need to be gathering insights on cutting-edge technology, to not
only future proof them, but to be advancing the careers of their staff by investing in learning
and development initiatives such as #HackTheHub to prevent skills going stale, so they can
have the technical competencies they need to ensure they can build things that customers
want. This information can then be used to inform strategic decision-making, which is why
AI is becoming an increasingly important tool for businesses and governments.

Those attending will have the opportunity to explore their curiosity, network, work in teams
and practice pitching skills with the chance to pitch their concept to the room at the end of the
day in their efforts to take home the first prize. Additionally, prizes, to the value of 5k, will be
up for grabs throughout the day for the attendees.

Judges will choose a winning solution based on level of innovation, business value and
quality of pitch. The first hackathon began as a way for computer programmers and software developers to come together to collaborate and create new software and applications. Ultimately creating a platform for companies to discover upcoming talent, or for start-ups to validate their
concepts. #HackTheHub focus on creating an environment which brings together builders
that share a common interest of working with emerging technologies.

For more information and tickets go to https://hackthehub.com

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