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On 10 & 11 November 3,000+ attendees from over 40 countries tuned in to experience Digital DNA 2020, streamed live from Belfast, Northern Ireland. 

Over 80 speakers took part in 50 talks, panel discussions and workshops. And now you can watch all the talks back on-demand. 

Main Stage Talks

Starling Bank - deploying digital to reshape a traditional industry

Felim O’Donnell, COO of Starling Bank talks to Lynne Rainey about how Starling has transformed UK banking from challenger bank to the UK’s No1 Digital Bank.

A global technology outlook, by PwC's global head of tech

Belfast born Conall Dempsey, Global Head of Technology, shares his thoughts on the Tech landscape internationally and how Irish based companies can compete on the global scale. 

The importance of building communities for a post pandemic world

Prakash Janakiraman (Founder & Chief Architect at Nextdoor) and Chris McClelland (MD at Ignite NI) discuss the highs and lows of the startup world and explore the future and importance of communities post pandemic.

Climate Tech: The Next Frontier...

Maria McKavanagh, CEO of Verv and Ben Combes from PwC discuss the importance of climate technology and the role it plays in creating a sustainable future.

Supporting the NI Tech Sector & The current Funding Landscape

Our panel of founders and investors discuss the current investment landscape during the pandemic.

There's an app for that!

Are you solving a problem or just creating a product that no-one needs? Join our panel as they explore the reasons why some apps fail and why others succeed.

Engineering Excellence in Data Science

Engineering meets data science and how this helped improve the quality and delivery of a recent Liberty IT project.

Embracing Disruption and Change

Derry/Londonderry born Brian McDowell discusses his career that has taken him from Banking in NI to building disruptive technology in the US as CEO of SimplyIOA.

Recovering from a Ransomware attack

A ransomware nightmare: A real life perspective of living through a ransomware attack and emerging stronger.

Gina McIntyre from the Special EU Programme Board talks about the fallout from a ransomeware attack that hit SEUPB over the summer 2020.

How do we Solve the Startup Conundrum

Northern Ireland is one of the top places to start a startup. With the highest rate of businesses in the UK reaching £1m turnover within 3 years. BUT…
They don’t always have the right skills to take the idea to make it commercial startup
This keynote explores how we can help solve that startup conundrum for founders.

A Strategy to Succeed

Hear from our expert panel on what it takes to succeed in a covid-19 world and how local companies are operating at the edge of innovation.

Diversity and Inclusion Within The Technology Sector

Hear from Microsoft and Version1 on what diversity and inclusion means in their organisations and why diversity & inclusion is so important in the tech sector.

The future of Global Cybercrime in an uncertain world

Belfast born Neil Walsh, Chief of Cybercrime at the UN talks with Aidan Larkin about the future of combating cybercrime requires multi-national collaboration.

Where we ever really happy? Covid, Crisis and Change

Work is now an activity, not a place. Caroline Van der Feltz and Wendy Austin discuss the future of work and were we ever really happy working in offices

Decisions that are driving ecommerce's explosive growth

Signifyd’s data shows why the 5-year accelerated growth from Covid-19’s impact is here to stay for those retailers executing the right strategies.

The changing face of Cybercrime in the new normal

Our panel will discuss how criminals are exploiting online vulnerabilities including phishing scams, dark web tactics and corporate attacks.

Build. Buy. Blend.

Should you custom build or buy your business software in 2020?

How SME's are building a scalable future

Hear how Christies Direct will share their story of their people & customer-centricity with the use of technology being their recipe to a scalable future

The things I wished I had known about marketing 8 years ago

Joe Glover has been in a variety of marketing roles for the past eight years, picking up the bumps and bruises along the way. Today in his role as a founder, he still uses these skills every day.

In an attempt to save you 8 years of your life, Joe shares some of the key lessons that got him out of sticky mud throughout his career.

Holmes and (IBM) Watson: How Humans and Robots are Working Together to Solve Business Mysteries

Robots and AI – familiar terms but arguably still foreign concepts. Join Gerard McStravick and Christian Heath to unpack this maelstrom.

AI & ML: Transforming the Insurance Value Chain

An overview of how predictive analytics, NLP & computer vision can be leveraged to add business value for insurers & tips on how to get it right.

The Future of Cash - Are we heading towards a cashless society?

Our expert panel will discuss the growth of ecommerce, wider adoption of contactless payments and Improved transparency with digital banking

Horsies in the Cloud: A Serverless Journey

How a small team built a new product fully serverless, using AWS Well-architected Framework and user-centric design, with little AWS experience beforehand!

The x tech world

Transforming the Call Centre with Voice Enabled Virtual Assistants.

How Liberty created a completely server-less AI backed call centre utilising emerging technologies & quality engineering to make a difference to customers.

Innovation - the balance between research and delivering value.

Andy O’Sullivan will discuss innovation and recent projects that found a balance, researching emerging technologies and achieving business value.

Bring IT On and the Ambassadors Initiative: Inspiring new entrants to consider IT

Measuring Allstate NI's environmental impact before, during, and after Covid

Allstate NI has a well-developed strategy for monitoring and working to reduce our environmental impact across a range of areas.

Live Side Sessions

The Future of Work NOW

UUBS and a panel of experts explore the Future of Work

Payments: The View of the Future

A view from the future from The Fintech Corridor

The Value of Great: Why Digital Experience Matters More Now

Andrew & Greg will explore the importance of the digital experience, share examples and give you the tools to measure, optimise and succeed.

Start your ML journey with AWS DeepRacer

Work along with Darren and Glenn from Liberty IT to create your first ever DeepRacer model. You’ll learn about hyperparameters, the reward function and to assess how your training is going in real time. 

A Digital DNA 2020 taster of DHD’s Online Workshops

Join us as we dip into 2 of 3 of our new online courses; our Brand Strategy Workshop and our Social Media Workshop 

AI for Human Performance and Corporate Wellbeing

Learn how elite sports science, behavioural data science, and cognitive neuroscience & cutting-edge AI is transforming the future of work

How VR/AR are transforming business, the economy & learning

Discover how PwC are using immersive technologies to transform business, train their people and support clients to achieve their goals.

Serverless First: an open discussion on how best to leverage

Liberty have applied a leading  (recognised by AWS) Serverless First approach. It’s a paradigm shift for technology. We’ll dissect, explain and discuss in this interactive session.

Embracing Disruption & Change - The New Normal?

Opening Doors or a Backward Step for Women in Tech?

Use of technology to prevent and detect fraud

PwC’s Investigative analytics team will discuss the use of analytics, visualisations and new tech to prevent and detect fraud.

Salesforce: Getting Back to Basics

This Salesforce demo shows how to use the platform to market to and nurture new leads, close more business and provide first class service.

How the NI Tech sector is adapting to the current climate

Tune in to hear from NI companies in the tech space that have moved into different markets

How tech has transformed commerce in the time of COVID-19

As the leading eCommerce fraud solution, 5 team members with distinct views into Signifyd’s rapid reaction to the pandemic share their views

Best of Both: Tech Degrees with QUB and PwC

QUB and PwC will discuss and showcase one of the UK’s most innovative degree apprenticeships and the opportunities offered.

Building technology teams remotely

Hear how some of NI’s fastest-growing technology firms have grown and navigated the challenges of working remotely

Bring IT On: Understanding IT apprenticeships for employers

Is an IT Apprenticeship the right pathway for your company? Find out how IT Apprenticeships work for an employer and the benefits for staff.

Learn More About Higher Risk Startup Investment Options

How does EIS and Angel Investment fit into an Investment Portfolio

Tech for Non Tech Experts: Focus on Tech Product Launch

What are the key things you need to consider when launching a tech product.

Drone digital transformation - assurance

Faster, Cheaper Safer… walk through the state of the art and discuss what the future holds for drone digital transformation in assurance.