5 Ways AI Can Aid Human Connection and Collaboration

Technology is constantly changing the way we work, and automation is something business owners
will be keeping an eye on in the future. This is definitely the case with artificial intelligence, with the
global market for AI predicted to reach $267 billion by 2027.

Film and media have warned us that if AI becomes too intelligent, it will take over, and these
concerns have fed into real-life fears about technology replacing humans. One study found that
around 68.5% of college graduates thought that technology would render them useless or lose their
job to it in the near future.

However, AI can aid human connections and collaborations. With some insights from Rose Moody,
Creative Director at Vitec, we’ll take a look at what the results can be, as well as how it can benefit
the world of business.

1. AI helps improve productivity

Implementing AI into your business practices can improve employee productivity. As a result, this
helps them work more collaboratively. Take meetings for example – you could use an AI program to
transcribe the meeting so that you can refer to it later. It could also offer insights on recurring

The customer service industry also has a lot to gain from this tech. Economic Impact and Genesys
conducted a survey which found that 65% of customer experience leaders saw an increase in agent
productivity. This shows that it isn’t just workplaces benefiting from AI helping their collaborations;
it’s connecting employees to customers as well.

2. More inclusivity and strengthening connections

Over the past few years, remote working has become part of the fabric of working life. In the U.S.
alone, over 4.7 million people are using that option. This is another area where AI can assist in
forming and strengthening connections.

One of the main pieces of tech used for remote working is video calling, but weak connections can
stop work dead in its tracks and slow employees down. However, advancements in AI have seen that
it can help boost connections. This lowers the possibility of issues on the call, as well as having the
option to make files less big and keeps the collaboration flowing. You could even use it to adjust
your lighting and background on the call if you wanted to feel closer to the office.

3. A more personal experience

By using AI to give the option of personalisation to customers, you can improve your connection
with them as a result. AI tools can take data and use it to learn what their specific audience wants
within their experience and tailor the content to meet those needs.

When a customer feels catered to, this can have a positive impact on customer engagement and can
lead to returning business establishing loyalty. And if they have any further needs, AI chatbots can
be installed so that simpler questions can be answered quickly and efficiently. This is efficient and
allows more time for human agents to focus on the more difficult enquiries from customers.

4. Decision-making

Another area where AI can be useful is finalising decisions. When you have a group of employees
collaborating on something creative, it can be hard to pin down one of the many ideas that get

thrown into the mix. Some AI tools can be programmed to recognise and analyse certain ideas, with
a particular focus on isolating them and making a decision based on data.

There are some digital options for sharing the decision-making process with your employees through
the likes of IPTV distribution. So, no matter whether you’re in the office or working remotely, you
can feel part of the collaboration and see the progression alongside the rest of the business.

5. Learning benefits from AI

A great business practice to have is established training courses, which AI could help boost. No
matter where you land within a business structure, there are always more knowledge and skills to
learn in order to progress individually and help the company grow.

However, some of these courses may not be succinct or easy to follow. This is where AI comes in, as
it could track where the employees need help in their learning. This aids as a tracking system that
can help those who need an extra hand in a more collaborative approach. It’ll also make your
employees feel valued and encourage them to maintain their drive to learn more and grow.

Throughout business structures, there are numerous ways that adding artificial intelligence can help
boost your processes. Once you’ve gotten past the idea of AI making humans obsolete, you begin to
see how many human aspects, such as connecting with others and overall engagement, would be
helped by AI. Keeping your employees and customers on good terms and happy is important as a
business leader, and AI can help maintain that. All of this helps in making sure your business sees
success both externally and internally.

Source: Written by; Rose Moody, Creative Director at Vitec

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