The Latest Job Vacancy at Digital DNA and What’s Needed To #BePartOfIt

The team at Digital DNA has been increasing over the past 18 months and its newest role demonstrates the ambition to continue its phenomenal growth. We had a chat with Gareth Quinn, Managing Director of Digital DNA to find out a bit more about the role and what he is looking for.

As Head of Business Development, it’s a senior role that takes guts, passion and drive to a whole new level. Instead of looking for a textbook hire, we’re on the lookout for someone who will aid in lifting Digital DNA into the next stage of it’s already overwhelming progress and appreciate and contribute to what it takes to be part of a ground-breaking and energetic team.

Firstly, what’s in store for the future of Digital DNA?

“We’ve had our most successful year yet and we’re thrilled to have such an impressive hike in our growth year on year. As we enter 2017, we have big ambitions and myself, the rest of the team and the many businesses we work with are looking forward to delivering what we believe will be a remarkable line-up of events and other exciting projects. We’ve been working behind the scenes on several key developments for our events and overall business and I believe that 2017 will be an exciting year for us.”

Why do you want to hire a Head of Business Development?

“The Head of Business Development will command a strategic role in the future growth of Digital DNA. This individual will work closely with me and the other Directors to plan our activity for the next 2-3 years.

“The person will be instrumental in delivering on these plans by overseeing our sales team, securing revenue and building relationships with existing and future stakeholders. They will also be instrumental in planning, coordinating and implementing the events on the ground to ensure that they continue to be delivered to the highest standard.”

What kind of person are you on the lookout for?

“We are looking for someone who is ambitious, full of energy and passionate about what we do. Building strong relationships with our partners is the core of our entire business so having someone who is comfortable with presenting, has strong interpersonal skills and has a charismatic flair will be suited to this role.

“Central to Digital DNA is connecting relevant people with each other so that they can work together to grow their organisations. We want someone who is passionate and someone who can work independently as well as within a dynamic and diverse team.

Alongside the critical relationship building and sales goals, they will motivate and manage the sales and business development team and ensure they encourage and deliver partnerships that will bring Digital DNA into the next stage of its evolution. I’m looking for someone who can fit into our work culture and manage expectations for both partners and the team, all while having a lot of fun and making a significant difference”

Digital DNA is hiring a Head of Business Development via our recruitment partners MCS Group. You can find out more about the role and speak to Karl in confidence with any questions you may have by clicking below. Get applying and #bepartofit

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