Dr John Miller is the Client Manager at Invest NI responsible for working with High Potential Start Up businesses.  His BSc was sponsored by Michelin Tyres where we worked for them in N.Ireland, England and France. He completed a PhD at QUB for US company OMC in computer simulation of an IC engine and completed his MBA in International Business at UU and Florida Institute of Technology whilst working for IDB a predecessor of Invest NI.

He was once the only client executive in IDB (now Invest NI) for the ICT sector.  He has seen the sector grow tenfold during his career, having worked with “Start Ups” such as Kainos, Andor, CEM Systems which are now major players in the sector.

10 years ago he returned to working with Start Up companies and was disappointed by the number of companies not delivering on their business plans.

He researched this area buying a small library of books including, Blank, Reis, Feld, Maurya and Osterwalder.

He has in the last 10 years worked intimately with around 100 start ups and is a keen advocate of founders using the lean start up methodologies to gather evidence to validate their proposed business idea and develop a repeatable scalable business model.

In his spare time he is a keen sailor, kayaker, skier and hill walker, and now three times Grandfather.  He likens startups to his windsurfing, exciting and dynamic with the potential for great rewards and dramatic wipeouts.