Raise Ventures are pioneering an Emerging Leaders Summer School for the next generation of business leaders

Raise believe that building the right foundations for your business journey is the key to achieving and sustaining success. Business skills alone are not enough. They have an ethos to embed balance, wellbeing and resilience into the mindset of business leaders to prime them for sustainable future success.


This year, Raise are pioneering an Emerging Leaders Summer School to support the next generation of business leaders, an 8-week series of workshops that blends resilient leadership with the grounding power of wellness.


It will empower entrepreneurial individuals to uncover their authentic inner leader and step into their role with confidence. It connects those on the same path through wellbeing initiatives to create a community network, sounding board and learning opportunities amongst business owners, directors and CEOs.


Running each Friday from 22nd July to 9th September, business leaders will get the chance to develop the skills and mindset of emerging leaders. The workshops focus on visionary thinking, imposter syndrome, navigating difficult conversations and discovering the coveted work-life balance.


Community-building activities such as hikes, sea swims and yoga and practical exercises such as headshots and video pitches follow the workshops to give attendees a tangible output and valuable connections.


Shaped around those who want to take the next step in their developmental journey, the programme is perfect for aspiring leaders, team members, senior managers, CEOs or directors and those who want to create strong foundations for their leadership journey.


Numbers for the programme are limited with no application required. In-person and virtual options are available and tickets can be purchased on Eventbrite.


If you would like to find out more, contact Eva-Jayne on evajayne@raise-ventures.com for more information or a quick chat.


About Raise Ventures 


Raise Ventures provide a free 8 week startup accelerator programme giving startup founders the opportunity to build strong foundations in their startup here in Northern Ireland. The Raise startup accelerator has an aim to innovate, validate, accelerate and raise investment.


The team has extensive experience investing directly into early stage companies, connecting angels and entrepreneurs. If you are an angel investor, family office, fund or institutional investors in UK, Ireland and across the world 

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