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LoughTec awarded cybersecurity contract with leading digital property investment platform

LoughTec, one of the UK and Ireland’s leading IT infrastructure and cybersecurity specialists, has been awarded a major cyber security contract from BidX1.


BidX1 is Europe’s leading digital property investment platform – a platform that connects users across the globe with real estate opportunities in multiple markets and enables them to complete the entire transaction online, using technology developed in Dublin.


Their mission is to combine property expertise with technology to provide unparalleled levels of transparency, analytics and global reach.


Headquartered in Dublin, where their model was first developed, BidX1 currently operates in the UK, Ireland, South Africa, Spain and Cyprus. The Company has sold over 10,000 properties to date, more than €2.5bn-worth of real estate.


LoughTec will work in conjunction with their US and EMEA partners OPSWAT to implement BidX1’s new file scanning solution, MetaDefender Cloud. The solution scans all files that are uploaded into critical networks, such as Cloud storage like AWS, Box and Azure. This ensures BidX1 are protected from file borne malware threats that may lie within files, even if they appear innocent.


Ebenezer Akintunde, Software Delivery Manager at BidX1, said, “As a rapidly growing business whose expertise is in high-value online transactions, cyber security is always top of mind for us. It is our responsibility to ensure sensitive documents uploaded onto our platform by our customers are stored securely and that these documents are free from malicious software and viruses that could harm our business.” 


“LoughTec is one of the leading Cyber Security systems providers worldwide and our research highlighted that they provide one of the most advanced file upload malware protection and detection solutions.”


“The service development and setup process was extremely smooth due to the effective and seamless collaboration with the brilliant LoughTec team, especially Jonathan Adams who was very informative in explaining and guiding us through the implementation and set-up process.”


“This partnership with LoughTec gives us the confidence and assurance that every file system uploaded through our platform is malware and virus free, allowing us to focus on our core business of selling property.”


Jonathan Adams, Cyber Security Territory Manager at LoughTec, said, “We are delighted to be working with a leading Irish organisation such as BidX1, a truly innovative firm and market-leaders in the digitalisation of property transactions. Ebenezer and his team have been a pleasure to work with and we look forward to adding value to their IT security posture for many years to come.”


LoughTec’s file scanning solution provided to BidX1 uses technologies such as:


  • Multi-scanning – advanced threat detection and prevention technology that increases detection rates, decreases outbreak detection times and provides resiliency to anti-malware vendor issues. Multi-scanning files with over 35 anti-malware engines helps to deliver enhanced protection from a variety of cyber threats. 
  • Data sanitisation (Content disarm and reconstruction) – an advanced threat prevention technology that does not rely on detection. This assumes all files are malicious and sanitises and rebuilds each file, ensuring full usability with safe content for the user. This technology is highly effective for preventing known and unknown threats, including zero-day targeted attacks and threats that are already equipped with malware evasion technology.
  • REST API, to ensure a true plug-and-play deployment, takes the burden of managing software infrastructure away from organisations. 
  • Built-in privacy, through private scanning, allows users to submit files to be analysed by OPSWAT, without sharing the file content. After the analysis is completed, files are deleted from OPSWAT servers.


LoughTec has an extensive track record in assisting customers with their IT infrastructure and cyber security across several sectors, including pharmaceutical, education, health, agri-food and security.


For further information on how LoughTec can assist you with your IT infrastructure and cyber security posture, call 028 8225 2445, visit www.LoughTec.com or email info@loughtec.com.


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