Digital DNA has partnered with the Ulster University Business School to create a course, Digital Ready Leaders, that blends together academic models and practical industry intuition from some of the sharpest, most successful business minds. The Digital Ready Leaders course is recognised as a leading qualification with the opportunity to learn while you work in a tailored programme suited to professionals.

Digital DNA aims to deliver on two key elements that make up the company mission: to share knowledge and build relationships. Over 40 events in the past few years have achieved this goal with a community of over 16,000 inspired individuals. It is our hope that by being part of it at this stage you will benefit and become ready for the Digital Future.

Applications are now closed!

If you would like to register interest for next year please fill out the form below and we will contact you in 2019 with more information.


Digital Ready Leaders offers a unique opportunity to gain comprehensive insight from industry experts alongside academic theory. This blended learning allows students to diversify their experience by seeing firsthand how businesses implement digital technology in their workplace.

A range of theory based classes and visits to digital ready organisations helps you realise the opportunities technology can bring to your own organisation.


ACHIEVE a Level 5 Advanced Certificate in Management accredited by the Ulster University


IMPROVE your understanding of available digital technologies and more importantly, how they can be applied to your current business/organisation


DEVELOP your business/organisation strategy taking account of the fast paced, continually changing digital landscape


ASSESS the implications of how digital technology has influenced the practice of leadership in a very different business landscape


ACT on opportunities to become a dynamic, equipped leader in an evolving workplace


APPLY the new skills and knowledge directly to your organisation as you learn

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Thoughts from a Digital Ready Leader