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Course Benefits

ACHIEVE a Level 5 Advanced Certificate in Management accredited by the Ulster University

IMPROVE your understanding of available digital technologies and more importantly, how they can be applied to your current HR department

DEVELOP your HR strategy taking account of the fast paced, continually changing digital landscape

ASSESS the implications of how digital technology has influenced the practice of HR leadership

ACT on opportunities to become a dynamic equipped HR leader in an evolving workplace

APPLY the new skills and knowledge directly to your organisation as you learn

A Unique Approach

Digital Ready HR offers a unique opportunity to gain comprehensive insight from industry experts alongside academic theory. This blended learning allows students to diversify their experience by seeing firsthand how businesses implement digital technology right in their workplace.

A range of theory based classes and visits to digital ready organisations helps you realise the opportunities technology can bring to your own organisation.

Course Overview

Take the Next Step

Contact Steve Pollard at the Ulster University Business School for more information and to sign up!