Digital DNA announces official winners of their new Session Selector initiative

As the world continues to move toward a more “normal” state, and with the announcement of in-person events back on the cards, the team at Digital DNA wanted to come up with a brand new concept to get back into the swing of things and to hear from some of the brightest minds across the tech community.


Digital DNA is an annual conference that brings together the brightest minds in the technology industry and attracts thousands of people from all over Northern Ireland and further afield. Widely regarded as the most important event for the tech industry in Northern Ireland, the event offers the opportunity for people to fully immerse themselves in the world of technology and learn more about new breakthroughs and innovations that are making an impact on everyday life. 


Community is such an important part of what we do at Digital DNA and for the return of our first in-person event since 2019, we wanted to push the boundaries and come up with a new initiative that allowed more people to get involved in the biggest tech event in Northern Ireland. And this was where our brand new Session Selector initiative was born. 


We wanted to provide an opportunity for people to apply to speak at Digital DNA, to present a trending topic affecting the tech industry, share their thoughts on an idea shaping the world of technology or take part in a panel that provokes wider conversation, to help us identify the most exciting and innovative ideas from our community. 


The response we received since the launch of our session selector initiative has been phenomenal, with a variety of submissions and topics ranging from Digital Inclusion, digitisation of the Insurance Industry to Health Tech, and more. It’s been fantastic to see such a great range of entries and we are delighted to have so many people on board with our new initiative. 


Digital DNA CEO, Simon Bailie commented:


“The depth and breadth of responses we’ve received has been phenomenal and proves that the tech industry continues to evolve. Particularly during a challenging period where many individuals and organisations have had to adapt at a faster rate than ever before. Technology has enabled many of us to rethink how we address and overcome some of the biggest challenges facing society.  Providing a platform like our Session Selector has created an opportunity for those who are under-represented to share their thoughts and opinions in an industry that can at times, be challenging to breakthrough.”


Thank you to everyone who shared their ideas with us and congratulations to those of you who will be presenting at Digital DNA on the 28th and 29th September 2021. If you would like to hear our successful sessions, there is still time to grab your pass and be part of the biggest and most important tech event for Northern Ireland.

You can view the full list of Session Selector talks below. 

  1. Tech Talk: What is an NFT? , (Guest Speaker – Ferghal Downey)

  2. ECG detection enabled everywhere! , (Guest Speakers – Adrian Condon & Ben Carter)

  3. Growing a two-sided marketplace during a Pandemic , (Guest Speaker – Stevie McIntyre)

  4. 3 Powerful and Proven Strategies for Finding, Engaging and Converting Strangers to Customers , (Guest Speakers – Roisin Garland, Leanne Jennings)

  5. The first 10,000 days, the next 10,000 days , (Guest Speaker – Gareth Dunlop)

  6. Learning has changed, have you? , (Guest Speakers – Gavin Woods, & Aurion Learning + more )

  7. Fixing Tech’s Image problem

  8. To Pay or Not to Pay – Ransomware and the Board Dilemma , (Guest Speakers  – Dougie Grant , David Crozier, Conrad Simpson)

  9. Digitisation of the Insurance industry – What are the priorities? , (Guest Speaker – Ed Axon)

  10. Digital Inclusion and why it’s important , Guest Speakers – Patricia Donald, Una Murphy  (A sign language interpreter will also be part of the panel)

  11. The biggest HACK the world has ever seen? , (Guest Speaker – Sean Hanna)

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