Exporting from Northern Ireland: From Luxury to Necessity

Stephen Carlisle, Marketing Executive at ISDM Solutions explains one of the tools available to help Northern Ireland businesses grow beyond our physical marketplace borders…


With the political turmoil at Stormont rumbling on over the summer, and the possibility of Northern Ireland’s exit from the European Union drawing ever closer, I think it is safe to say that businesses are passing through ever choppier waters.

While I don’t believe there are any easy answers at least in the near future, we should not stop being as ambitious as possible in our attitude to business to ensure that we emerge on the other side of Brexit to take on the challenges that a post European Union world could bring.

I was recently at an event in Belfast, namely Digital DNA, and what struck me was the rapidly emerging technology economy here in the North that is not only exciting and growing but is enabling us to take our place on the world stage as an innovative little country that rapidly embraces change.

Numerous surveys have been carried out over the years, that put Northern Irish people at the top in terms of optimism and happiness.

While we still have our fair share of challenges, one thing I think that is fair to say about all people in the north is that we are resilient, and for the most part inclusive.

Often in the news there is so much talk of division, but let us not forget there are many things that unite us. A love of soda bread and 15s being just two of those things!

I think everyone wants our six counties to thrive and a strong business acumen and attitude will inevitably form the backbone to this.

It was great to see so many emerging and established technology companies at Digital DNA, proudly showcasing what they have to offer to both NI and the wider world.

Speaking of trade shows, I was at an event in Germany several years ago, and I was talking to some Finnish companies. Finland like Ireland has a population of around 5 million, and they were telling me that even when their products are in prototype stage they are thinking about export markets, and where they can start building partnerships.

Northern Ireland companies are producing products that are comparable in their ingenuity to firms from larger countries, yet all too often we confine ourselves to our own backyard, for fear of reaching out to larger markets.

I work for a collaborations company called ISDM Solutions that specialises in producing solutions that allow companies to collaborate with each other across the world.

I myself video call and share content with clients and co-workers across the UK/USA and even further afield. Distance is irrelevant in the world of video calling.

My company is based in Belfast, but we have offices in England and the USA. We collaborate on projects productively every day and have slashed travel budgets, allowing us to repurpose that capital on new and innovate technologies, such as a conversational AI platform to name but one.

For the small business or even start-up, they may wish to meet with potential clients or investors around the world but the travel costs could prevent them from doing so. Video collaboration gives you the freedom to meet with whomever you want to advance your business. Don’t let distance be the enemy that keeps you from growing your enterprise.

Contact ISDM Solutions on 0333 300 1876 or visit www.isdmsolutions.com to find out how you can video enable your business and not let these great business opportunities pass you by.