Digital DNA Futures – The Journey to Silicon Valley PT. 2

Last week we took you on the journey to San Francisco with Part 1 of our Digital DNA Futures programme winners’ week round-up.

Busy as their itinerary was, Grosvenor Grammar students Olivia, Louisa, Lucy and Alicia had only hit the hump of the week (Wednesday) when we left them.

The girls had managed to see the sights of the Golden Gate Bridge in between strategising for their winning ‘HEADcase’ concussion app with one of California’s biggest tech giants; Salesforce.

What did the rest of their once-in-a-lifetime trip hold for them? Let’s find out…

A Thursday like no other awaited the team as they visited tech giants Microsoft, Google and Facebook all in one day! Then meeting inspirational female leaders in the tech world, such as Simplify Commerce’s Ciara Hickey, gave the girls food for thought about just how far their skills and digital interests could take them in the working world.

Inspired and grateful, time was ticking on and our winners had yet more appointments to keep in California’s digital capital. Another welcoming female face awaited at commerce leader Square in the form of Sarah Friar and her team from whom the group learned a lot and were so thankful for her time. Conor Walsh looked after the group and showed them around the impressive SF headquarters.

After a madcap week of meetings, learning and thinking and being inspired, there was just time to squeeze in some last-minute sightseeing at the world famous Alcatraz prison before the team had to head home on the big white and green Aer Lingus flight to Ireland.

Describing it as “the school week to inspire all school weeks” there is no doubt that this talented and tenacious group of students were blown away by the people and places they visited in San Francisco.

Of course none of this would be possible without our lead partners and major partners, who we thank wholeheartedly as always.

One such major partner – CDE Global – created a very snazzy video to explain why they’re involved in the programme and how it benefits their business: